Rise like a phoenix

The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) 2021 main theme has been announced: “Rise like a phoenix – Health at the heart of a resilient future for Europe”. “The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and radically altered the political landscape. But in this unprecedented crisis there also lies an opportunity for renewal and rebirth”, says Dorli Kahr-Gottlieb, Secretary General of the EHFG. Health is having a rare moment in the political spotlight: now is the time to fight for solidarity, equity and transformation in health, within Europe and on the global stage.

The EHFG, Europe’s leading high-level health policy conference, will take place this year from September 27 – October 1 for a full week of digital sessions and networking. More information on the main theme, as well as a downloadable “session proposal” form can be found on the European Health Forum Gastein website.